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Border View Farm & the Merryman Family


Border View Farm is owned and run by the Merryman family.

Based in the beautiful surroundings of the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire border we are not only a Working Farm with cattle, sheep, pigs and hens etc but also have a Kennels and Cattery, an Equestrian Centre, Farm Shop, and Cow Shed Cafe.

We are a family who has been at Border View Farm for 40+ years. We are Rob, the youngest of the family, Scott, Katie, Lizzie and Alex heads up the family.

We pride ourselves in providing a quality service within all areas and always aim to please.

borderview farm Merryman.jpg

Border View Farm is a large working farm some of the farm animals include:


The pigs we rear are mainly Landrace or Large Whites; they are reared from 3 week old weaners and produced specifically for the shop.


The farm runs a flock of 500 North England Mule ewes which are put to the Suffolk tup to produce prime butches lamb for our own farm shop and the local auction market.

We also run a flock of 80 Dorset ewes which lamb through the Christmas period to produce quality spring lamb for the farm shop.


The farm runs a herd of 70 suckler cows which

rear calves that are then finished for the farm shop. We also buy 2 week old calves from local dairy  farmers which are then also reared and finished again for the shop. The ones not sold in

our shop are taken to the local auction market.


We have a variety of breeds which include Charolaise, Aberdeen Angus, Belgium Blue,  Simmental, Hereford and Limousine.

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