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Cow Shed Cafe
Open 9am till 5pm everyday

Full English Breakfast (Large) £6.50

x2 Bacon, x2 sausage, x2 egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, x2 toast, tea or coffee

​Full English Breakfast (Small) £4.50

x1 Bacon, x1 sausage, x1 egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, x1 toast

​Veggie Breakfast £4.50

x2 Veggie sausage, x2 eggs, beans, mushrooms, x1 tomatoes. x2 toast,

x2 Toast and butter £1.00

​Tea cake and butter £1.40

​Beans on toast £2.50

​Scrambled egg on toast £2.50

                                           Large                  Small    

Bacon                                £2.80                   £2.20   

Sausage                            £3.00                   £2.50   

Sausage and bacon         £3.20                   £2.60

Bacon, sausage, egg       £3.40                   £2.75

Bacon, egg                       £3.00                   £2.40

Sausage, egg                   £3.20                   £2.70

BEST -Bacon, egg,

sausage, tomato              £3.50

Breakfast Extras

Bacon, sausage or black pudding 80p

Tomato, beans, egg, cheese or mushrooms 60p


Ploughmans Lunch £4.95

Salad, pork pie, scotch egg, slaw, ham, cheese, cheese and pickled onion

Club Sandwich and Chips £4.95

Bacon, chicken, cheese, salad and mayo

Crispy Chicken Wrap £5.00

Served with either salad or chips on a white wrap with lettuce, onion, mayo,

sweet chilli barbecue or chipotle sauce

  • Add extra cheese 50p

Chicken and Halloumi Wrap £4.00

Served on a soft white wrap with caramelised

red onion. garlic mayo and lettuce

Homemade Chilli £4.00

Served with rice or chips

Fish Finger Sandwich £2.80

BLT Large £3.20 Small £2.60

Bacon lettuce and tomato

Pie, Peas and Gravy £4.80

Chip Butty £2.80

Chips £2.00

Beef Burgers

Homemade beef burgers and served with chips or salad and homemade coleslaw

Plain Beef Burger £3.40

Cheese Burger £3.60

Hot and Spicy Burger £3.60

Halloumi £4.20

Served with rocket, mayo, caramelised red onion and pepper

Gourmet Beef Burger £4.50

Served with chipotle, mayo, cheese and pickles

Jacket Potato

Served with side salad and homemade slaw

Plain Jacket and Butter £2.00

Beans £2.40

Cheese and Beans £3.00

Hummus and Olives £3.80

Tuna Mayo £3.80

Cottage Cheese £2.80

Cheese £2.80


Tuna Melt, Bacon & Brie, Hunters Chicken, Cheese & Ham, Cheese & Tomato £3.50

Kids Menu £3.50 (Drink, main and pudding)

Sandwiches Choose from Ham, Cheese or Tuna Mayo

Beans on Toast I Fish Fingers I Chips & Beans I Veggie Burger I Chips & Peas

Jelly and Ice Cream, Chocolate Pudding and Squirty Cream, Yogurt

Cold Sandwiches

Add Chips or Salad for an extra £1.00

Egg Mayo and Cress £2.20

Chicken, Bacon and Mayo £2.50 Tuna Mayo £2.50

Tuna, Sweetcorn and Mayo £2.50 Ham £2.50

Ham and Cheese £2.60

Cheese £2.00

Cheese and Onion Mayo Mix £2.00

Toasted Sandwiches

£3.00 All served with chips or salad

Cheese & Ham, Hawaiian.

Ham, Cheese, Pineapple,

Cheese & Bacon

Cheese & Beans