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Boarding Kennels 


The boarding kennels are mainly run and managed by Alec where we pride ourselves in ensuring all animals are kept safe and excellently cared for. Our kennels have been established since 1999.


We maintain a rule that all pets that stay with us in the kennels are vaccinated.

Within the Boarding Kennels we have 18 large individual kennels, all with a sleeping area and heat lamps for the colder seasons or at any time if preferred. All the dogs in the kennels are kept separate unless they are from the same family and you want them to stay together.

We encourage people to bring their own bedding to help the dogs settle but we can provide either hammock style beds or plastic beds with a fleece blanket if you prefer.

Customers are recommended to bring their own food to keep continuity for the dog's tummys but we can provide a kibble mix (which all our own dogs have) if you would like us to do so.

Within the kennels we pride ourselves in trying to keep your pets routine as close as possible to what they have at home, keeping feeding times as near to yours as possible, so to help them enjoy their stay!

Dogs are exercised daily and never mixed.

Medication can also be given as and when needed.

Opening times:

We are on site 24/7 365 days so your animals will always have round the clock quality care.

Drop Off/ Collection Times:

Christmas opening times for collection /drop off are below:

24th December 2023 9-10am only for drop off and collections

25th & 26th December 2023 no drop off or collections

31st December 2023 9-10am only for drop off and collections

1st January 2024 no drop off or collections


We have morning and afternoon time slots for arrivals and departures to keep our current residents as settled as possible.

9am- 10am

4pm - 5pm

We understand that life doesn't always fit into a time slot so we can accomodate alternative times for exceptional circumstances. Please call 07836 653497  or email us to discuss this if you need to.


From the same family sharing
From the same family sharing
More than three dogs please give us a call or email

For 2023 our daily prices are £18 per dog or £25 for 2 dogs (and £31 for 3 dogs) sharing the same kennel. If the dogs require separate kennels, we can happily accommodate this but we will charge you the single dog rate twice (or 3 times for 3 dogs kept separately) as they will be taking up more kennels. So you are aware we charge for both the arrival and collection days for the same reason. Plus £2 per day for a heat lamp powered on.

Payment can be made with Cash (preferred) or Card in the Farm Cafe. We normally take payment after your dogs’ stay but you are welcome to pay in advance if your prefer.

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